(distributed by Will Everitt, April 3, 2006)

Given whatís going on in the snake den that is the legislature, pressuring the DEP for a moratorium on NEW permits for CDD burning seems like itís more important than ever.

Attached is the CDD moratorium petition to DEP. I think this takes into account peoples comments. Youíll see that small municipal facilities are exempted from it (1,000 tons a year and MUNICIPAL) but that will keep Maine Municipal Association off our backs, I think.

Even if they, ultimately, donít do it, it puts added pressure on the state to figure this issue out the right way. And perhaps sets us up to educate folks on this issue during the election.

All we need are 150 VALID signatures from REGISTERED voters.

It is important to collect these signatures BY TOWN. In other words, you CANNOT put two people from two different towns on the same petition.

When collecting the petitions, we need to have the cover sheet, with the 25 petition lines STAPLED to the proposed moratorium.

Iíll follow up with you all about this, but if we can collect them and send them to Debbie to turn in we can make quite a fuss and keep the spotlight on this issue statewide.