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If You Think Maine's Trash Industry Is Heading Down the Wrong Road,
Please Support The One-Year Moratorium On New Trash Facilities
Stop the Trash Parade Now - !
Here's Why and How

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Put The Brakes On
LD 141 Now - !!
Here's Why and How

LD 141 could be voted on by the Legislature as soon as MONDAY APRIL 10.

Legislators are urged to support Joanne Twomey's moratorium on new permits for construction and demolition debris sorting facilities and new permits for CDD incinerators. The permits allowed under proposed rules will open the door to import of millions of tons of raw demolition debris into Maine, most of which will be landfilled as a byproduct of the fuel processing. The rest will end up in our air, or in the ash which itself goes to landfills.

Contact Your Maine Senators and Representatives and ask them:
"Please vote for Joanne Twomey's Minority Report.
It gives us a 1-year Moratorium on New Debris Fuel Permits
and stops more importing, sorting, burning and landfilling of demolition debris in Maine!"

What Is This About?
LD 141 as written and already passed by Committee would give the green light to a flood of garbage (demolition debris) from away.

This will be sorted, burned and landfilled in Maine!

This is about huge profits for a single, state-selected trash disposal company, also not from here.

LD 141 would enact trash-to-fuel rules - the new Garbageland Permits rules -- that have not even passed DEP review!!

LD 141 would fill Maine's landfills at twice the rate or more of Maine-only waste.

What Is This Not About
This is not about bringing more recycling or green energy to Maine.

This is not about saving the paper mill in Old Town.

This is not about somehow "decreasing pollution" by building new "state-of-the-art" incinerators.

This is not about having the "strictest rules" in the country:
Massachusetts has stricter rules on landfilling; New Hampshire has stricter rules on burning; California has stricter rules on toxins in the fuel supply they have zero tolerance for putting arsenic in our air.

If You Think Maine's Trash Industry Is Heading Down the Wrong Road, Please Support The One-Year Moratorium On New Trash Facilities

Contact Your Legislator Today!
Tomorrow Really Will Be Too Late!

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